Trotse Tert’s Guide To Die Moot

Deep in Pretoria you’ll find Die Moot, a very real place that becomes a low-fi, bedazzled fantasy in @trotse_tert’s Instagram updates. Fashion designer, stylist and collage artist Blünke Janse Van Rensburg is an independent spirit finding beauty, humour and melancholy on the streets of Die Moot. Through neon nostalgia and rose-tinted filters, she advocates fierce pride for where she’s from. In her domain, flash-trash is best, but answer her this: who made the rules anyway? 

Blünke lets us in on what you need to know to survive these bad lands.

First things first:

In the heart of Pretoria lies a lonely island called Die Moot. Here you’re gonna get hurt unless you’re a bad bitch. I recommend you enter this valley of paradise feeling a bit buzzed. There’s a smell of cigarette smoke in the air, leaving the horizon pale and faded. There’s a sense of lingering longing in those bright neon lights and there’s something dangerous about those lonely nights. 

Sightseeing in Die Moot:

Voortrekker road racing, mountain fires and any tannie showing off her #mootpride by the length of her mullet is defs a sight to see. 

Eating in Die Moot:

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Maders pie: steak and kittsy.

Casbah’s trotse tert-infused gin milkshake and greasy chips are the perfect appetiser for the main course: boys street racing. #mootdrift

Drinking in Die Moot:

Everywhere and anywhere. Erg sad girl’s always drinking her tears. She’s mostly drunk. Life is hard. Clean whiskey, please. 

The only person worth seeing on a night out is Miss Moot (which is me, btw).

Street style in Die Moot:

In Die Moot you strive to look sexy. Old ooms should perve on your ass but most importantly dress to see those Pretoria jock boys wanting you. 

Shopping in Die Moot:

Liquor city, of course! 

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