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BINGE WATCH! Episode 2

Welcome to the second ‘screening’ of BINGE WATCH! This new INDIE Channel series collates the coolest new video pieces from around the web to give you a snapshot of who’s doing what and where local filmmaking is headed. Episode 2 includes stuff released in October and November. Enjoy!


ONE – ‘Melody Of A Bearing’ By The Grand•Kids Collective

A lil’ passion project made by The Grand•Kids Collective to keep their blood pumping. Read the description below before pressing play:

bear·ing /’beriNG/ :

1. A part of a machine that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible.
2. Awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings.

In the world of skateboarding your bearings dictate how smoothly and effortlessly you will glide across the surface. At times it’s valuable to realise that the surface might be inevitably bumpy and plummet you to the ground resulting in a sudden halt. It’s at these times when the “many” stay down, but the “few” rise knowing they just got a little stronger and wiser. In the greater scheme of things, life and it’s limitations are those bumps and falling back to reality should be seen as an option and not compulsory.


Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective (GrandKidsCollective.com)
Directed and edited by Dewald Brand (DewaldBrand.com)
Shot by Daniel Walsh and Dewald Brand
Written by Herman Du Toit
Titles by Kambani Chamane
Aerial footage by Dewald Brand and Kambani Chamane
Sound Design by Origin Audio
Voiceover recording and sound mastering by NOVO Sound
Starring Philip Hotz and Clayton Leitch
Voiceover by Peter Gilchrist
Music by Bonobo – ‘Black Sands’ (No music rights were obtained. No copyright infringements intended.)


TWO – Free Live ‘Game Jam Island’ Series

Game studio Free Lives moved their office to a remote tropical island for 3 months, and are inviting some of their international Indie dev friends and heroes to come jam with them. What’s even better is that they’re making a documentary series chronicling their antics.

Watch the latest episode and some new(ish) work below, or catch the full series here.

THREE – ‘This is why South African rappers sound the same’ 

What makes this video interesting isn’t necessary the filmmaking, but rather the conversation. Here Aseza Pupuma and Mayuyuka Kaunda from livemag.co.za talk about originality in the local rap industry.

FOUR – A Performance Commission Starring Athi-Patra Ruga

Athi-Patra Ruga is the Madonna of performance art and this sneak peek piece released on Facebook in concrete evidence. ‘The Versatile Queen Ivy’ In OVER THE RAINBOW, A Performance Commission Starring Athi-Patra Ruga.


Direction: KopeFiggins
DOP: Deon van Zyl
Costume: Aunty Pat for Athi-Patra Ruga and Studio
Make Up: Manila von Teeze
Production: Unathi Mkonto
Assistance: Mia Borman, Matthew Bradley
Soundtrack: Angel_Ho, Dope Saint Jude
Executive Producers: Athi-Patra Ruga, Ashleigh McLean


FIVE – Jollof Wars: Ghana vs Nigeria, The Official Taste Test

This video’s not South African, but the Jollof controversy north of our border affects us too. Our friends at Okay Africa brought together Ghanaians and Nigerians of discriminating taste to decide once and for all which one of these nations has the best Jollof rice.


SIX – An Islands Acoustic Session by Native Young

Filmed by Jake Wachtel, Native Young released a video of a spontaneous jam of their track ‘Islands’ while on a boat at dusk somewhere on Lake Malawi.


SEVEN – ‘The Foxy Five’ by Jabu Nadia Newman

Episode 3 of ‘The Foxy Five‘ was released this month. This intersectional feminist web series explores the lived experiences of women in South Africa. ‘The Foxy Five’ is written and directed by Nadia Jabu Newman and stars Duduza Mchunu, Qiniso Van Damme, Tatenda WekwaTenzi, Qondiswa James and Nala Xaba. The pilot episode was released in June, and they’re not planning to stop any time soon. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:


EIGHT – A Teaser for ‘Mendota Sky’ by Bateleur

Follow them on Facebook for news about the release.

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