Show & Tell with Dune Tilley

26th March 2018 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

Young documentary & fashion photographer Dune Tilley shares the stories behind 5 of his favourite shots in a game of Show & Tell.

Moments Before Greatness

25th April 2017 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

We tasked emerging photographer Kelly Makropolous to capture the rarely explored moments just before epic happenings.

Print’s Not Dead

30th March 2017 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

A look inside Alphabet Zoo, a printmaking studio using paper as a vehicle to connect people and drive conversations.

Going In Heart First

17th March 2017 | by Alix-Rose Cowie | 1 Comment

Musician Purity Mkhize speaks from the heart about her life’s journey that’s most recently lead her to a solo career.

Glow Makatsi Shines Bright

9th March 2017 | by Alix-Rose Cowie | No Comments

An advocate for living your truth, trans woman, artist and Instagram dream Glow Makatsi reminds us that there is no fear in love: self love in particular.

Recently Deleted

6th February 2017 | by Alix-Rose Cowie | No Comments

In a show of guts, South African photographers send us their recently deleted photos and their Trash becomes our treasure.

TASTE: Drinkable Art

26th August 2016 | by Amy-Lee Tak | No Comments

Five official cocktail recipes from Jameson 100x Closer, so that you can not only see the art – but taste it too.

Jameson Whiskey Takes You 100X Closer

17th August 2016 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

Upon closer inspection, flaws become evident. The corners curl, and cracks appear. However, in rare instances when attention to detail withstands the closet possible scrutiny, true beauty reveals itself in unexpected ways.

Picks of the Week

15th July 2016 | by Karmen Wessels | No Comments

The Jameson INDIE Channel’s selection of the week’s best new releases, ideas, and opportunities from South Africa and the rest of the world.

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