Art On The Dancefloor

From dance crews to performance artists, tattoo artists to street artist, we’re exploring different forms of fearlessly authentic art; the kind that can’t and won’t be contained by a frame or canvas.

In this edition we’re looking at live visual artists and VJs who’re lighting up stages, theatres and clubs with their fiercely unordinary imagery. Unlike conventional stage lighting and design, these artists’ work is not meant to be background accompaniment to the main show. From 3D mapping to illustration with sand, these artists take live visuals to the next level. Feast your eyes:


The Grrrl

Together with long-term partner and DJ Mr Sakitumi, this duo orchestrate immersive performances that are equal parts mesmerising visuals and thumping beats. Inka Kendzia, better known as The Grrrl, began her VJing career splicing VHS tapes with a MX50 mixer. Over the years she’s embraced tech into her set and her current visuals include a hypnotic mix of graphics, pulsating cartoons and 3D mapping.

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Duce Duce

Anthea Duce, AKA Duce Duce or il Duce, is a key figure in the Cape Town electronic party scene. A graphic designer by trade, Duce Duce draws from this background to play with montages of abstract images, motion graphics, texture and geometry in her live visuals and projections.

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Kerry Chaloner

Fine artist Kerry Chaloner has been collaborating with South African electro pioneer on live visuals for his sets as well as music videos to accompany tracks on his new album. Sourcing material from old Apartheid-era footage, YouTube as well as creating new images, Kerry’s visuals are collage montages that add another eclectic layer to Felix’s tracks.

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This art collective creates mesmerising conceptual experiences that blur the lines between genres. Fusing live original electronic music with artistic expression, performance, design and taste experiments, Hadedah are not interested in serving up any kind of conventional fair. Part supper club, part conceptual art group, part producers, everything experimental. This Joburg collective is constantly looking for new ways to create immersive interactive multi-sensory experiences.

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Drysand is a Johannesburg-based duo whose distinctive multi-media performances incorporate live music, puppetry, stop motion and illustration. Artist and filmmaker Naomi van Niekerk uses sand as her medium which she expertly shapes and manipulates during performances on a lightbox to create visuals and narratives that accompany live music.

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Frank Latter

Frank Latter creates and performs live visuals with the Cape Town electronic audio-visual group Original Swimming Party. His visuals include abstract forms and hypnotic kaleidoscopic imagery that interweaves with the bands live performance, adding another kind of member to the group.

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