Jameson First Shot: Entries Are Open

4th April 2017 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | 6 Comments

Calling all filmmakers: this is the break you’ve been waiting for! Submit your script for a shot at making a short film in Hollywood featuring Dominic West.

Recently Deleted

6th February 2017 | by Alix-Rose Cowie | No Comments

In a show of guts, South African photographers send us their recently deleted photos and their Trash becomes our treasure.

Publishers Leading The Indie Movement

14th December 2016 | by Layla Leiman | No Comments

These are the creatives pioneering indie publishing culture in South Africa, carving out a space for theirs and others’ work outside of the mainstream.

Tattoo Artists Keeping It Fresh

7th December 2016 | by Layla Leiman | No Comments

In the words of Tyler B Murphy: “Tattooing is a sort of calling. It is a way to create an illusion of consistency in your thoughts and actions.”

At Endless Daze Festival

18th November 2016 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

It’s hard to describe the energy at the first-ever Endless Daze Festival. Scroll this series of visuals to feel it for yourself.

Jameson Whiskey Takes You 100X Closer

17th August 2016 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

Upon closer inspection, flaws become evident. The corners curl, and cracks appear. However, in rare instances when attention to detail withstands the closet possible scrutiny, true beauty reveals itself in unexpected ways.

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