Jameson First Shot: Entries Are Open

4th April 2017 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | 6 Comments

Calling all filmmakers: this is the break you’ve been waiting for! Submit your script for a shot at making a short film in Hollywood featuring Dominic West.

Recently Deleted

6th February 2017 | by Alix-Rose Cowie | No Comments

In a show of guts, South African photographers send us their recently deleted photos and their Trash becomes our treasure.

Publishers Leading The Indie Movement

14th December 2016 | by Layla Leiman | No Comments

These are the creatives pioneering indie publishing culture in South Africa, carving out a space for theirs and others’ work outside of the mainstream.

Tattoo Artists Keeping It Fresh

7th December 2016 | by Layla Leiman | No Comments

In the words of Tyler B Murphy: “Tattooing is a sort of calling. It is a way to create an illusion of consistency in your thoughts and actions.”

At Endless Daze Festival

18th November 2016 | by Jameson INDIE Channel | No Comments

It’s hard to describe the energy at the first-ever Endless Daze Festival. Scroll this series of visuals to feel it for yourself.

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