INDIE Channel Presents: The Jameson Music Video Grant

Our Music Video Grant is back!


At the INDIE Channel we’re pretty passionate about the bubbling creative culture in South Africa. From film to art to music, fashion and beyond, we’re constantly in awe of the creative capabilities of young makers. But what we find even more exciting is when two or more disciplines come together to create something completely fresh. In 2016 we decided to put our money where our mouth is, and launched the first-ever Jameson INDIE Channel Music Video Grant.


We invited directors, videographers, musicians, stylists, dancers and the likes to submit their ideas for a chance to win R100K in funding to make it happen. And because we got so many good proposals, we decided to award TWO entries with R100K each. The resulting music videos were a perfect combination of INDIE craft, extraordinary visuals and smooth production – a true blend of the arts.


Missed it? Watch the winning videos now: 

More about Desmond and the Tutus ‘Boogieman’.

More about BETR Gang ‘The Heist’.


Apply now for The 2017 Jameson Music Video Grant!


We’re offering R200K (that’s doubled since last year!). Here’s how to apply:


STEP ONE: If you have an idea for a music video but don’t have the skills or equipment to make it yourself, find a filmmaker / producer to team up with.

STEP TWO: Choose a track by a local musician / band that was recorded in the last six months with no existing music video. Get their permission, obviously.

STEP THREE: Now refine your concept. Your video can be any genre / style, it doesn’t even have to feature the musician (of course it can if you’d like).

STEP FOUR: Make sure you read and understand the terms & conditions that are spelled out in more detail here.

STEP FIVE: Put your idea into three pages – use one for a written proposal, and two for visual mood boards / sketches / collages.

STEP SIX: To apply, submit your proposal and a digital audio file / link to the track you’ll be using via email to We’ll accept proposals from South Africans over the age of 18 from 1 February 2017 – 31 March 2017.


Now go go go!

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  • Marcia Moon

    Does the musician/songwriter keep all her rights on the song?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Yes, of course! We’re simply helping turn it into a music video.

  • Pakamani Soda Mancotywa

    Can the producer of the video submit it to other channels such as Channel ), etc.?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Definitely. What’s the point of making a video if it doesn’t get seen, right?

  • Keletso Donald Sehole

    We can choose any local musician, even if they not famous?
    even if they from abroad but residing in South Africa?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      You can submit a song by any musician living and making music in South Africa, famous or not famous. As long as you have their permission to use the song, of course.

  • Deza Magqabi

    Can a Filmmaker Submit more than 1 concept for 2/3 different songs (different artists)?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Yes, you can submit as many as you want.

  • Rashida Dope-Sugamama Mathube

    My artist has his own songs, Can he use his own song or songs for the video??

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Yebo. As long as the song has no other existing video.

      • Charles Vukile Mbokazi Newman

        Any genre is accepted?

        • The Jameson INDIE Channel


  • Kenart ToxicVenom Lekhuleng

    i cant wait to win

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      That’s the spirit!

  • Lanre Jazzel Abimbola

    how about a nigerian artiste who resides in sa

  • Francois Knoetze

    What is the timeframe of the project? When would the video need to be completed by?

  • Francois Knoetze

    When would the video need to be completed by?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      A realistic timeline will be discussed with the winner and based on the concept.

  • Navina C

    I noticed that the song has to have been released 6 months ago? What if the song came out 9 months ago? Is it a train smash?

  • Marcia Buwa

    I have a song.. So if someone is in search hala…..

  • Isaac Kalinda

    what if the filmmaker not south African be staying in south Africa ?

  • Steve Jones

    Do we have to submit a fully mixed track with our concept?

    I have a band that would like to submit a proposal, but are in the process of recording a new song and Will only finish mid April.

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Send us what you have.

  • YesPlsNdThnkYou

    Would it be acceptable to submit a concept for a visual album as opposed to a normal music video? So to be clear I mean a single video, maybe 10 -15 minutes in length, which makes use of portions of multiple tracks from one album in order to serve as a visual narrative for the whole album? Regards

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Sounds interesting… please submit a proposal with more details. Deadline is 31 March 2017.

  • Motsamai Tladi

    Hey guys,I’m Artless Walker I have a track that I produced personally, Its a modern tribal like house music with the use of African sounds,I have no video production experience or equipment, any one who’d like to work with me on this video please drop me a mail at

  • Boikhutso BK Ntsoko

    Just a small inquiry: Is it acceptable to submit images based on already shot music videos/film (especially those of mainstream) as part of the storyboard? Obviously for the sake of illustration; not to infer that the video will turn out like the one of used video/film. Or do you specifically want original storyboards, with sketches and/or original images?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Original is always better, but you can submit any references you want.

      • Boikhutso BK Ntsoko

        Alright. And the last one; is it strictly limited to a two page collage or can one opt to submit a powerpoint presentation of the visual storyboards?

        • To be fair, all proposals need to stick to the requirements: 1 page written proposal and 2 pages moodboard.

  • Amica Maz

    Can Musicians submit their own Video ideas of their own songs ?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      If said musician has experience in filmmaking, definitely! Otherwise you’d need to team up with a director or filmmaker.

  • Dionne Song

    This is such a dope initiative! Can I submit unreleased music ,obviously with the permission of the artist?

    • The Jameson INDIE Channel

      Definitely! Deadline is 31 March 2017, so go go go!

  • Moabi King Mosimane

    Do we need to submit the video together with the proposal and audio or we need to send only the audio and proposal?

    Thank you in advance

  • Dough

    Anyone who want to use my hip hop music can get in touch with me on 0734455090

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