Local Dance Crews Taking Over The World

From performance, installation and street artists and lots else in between, we’re spotlighting unconventional and fiercely original art forms and celebrating the people pushing the boundaries of these mediums.

South Africa has a vibrant and highly competitive street dance scene that covers a wide range of styles from the rhythmic toe-tapping of Pantsula, to the energetic flair of Hip Hop, the harsh and expressive movements of Krump, to the slick and stylish iSbhujwa and Izikhotane. Originating in townships in Jozi, these distinctive dance styles have gained international fame via YouTube videos which have caught the attention of global pop stars like Beyoncé, Drake and Usher who’ve sought these dancers out to learn their moves and have them perform in their videos. For these dancers who eat, sleep, dream dancing, it’s all about gaining fame and following for their group, as one crew’s motto goes, “from Soweto to the rest of the world”.


Real Action Pantsula

Founded back in 1992 by Sello Reuben Modiga, Real Action is a traditional Pantsula dance group from Orange Farm Extension 4. Embodying the spirit of the Pantsula lifestyle, Real Action works with young and talented teenagers in the community and aims to contribute to the growth of arts, culture and heritage in the community by making a positive impact in the lives of young South Africans.

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Skeleton Movers of Soweto

The Skeleton Movers are a body-defying contortionist Pantsula duo from Soweto. The fly under the online radar but have gained a wide following for their appearance in the music video for Branko “Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack)” as well as the “Magic Hats” video that went viral.

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Soweto’s Finest

Self-proclaimed “kings of iSbhujwa”, the all-male 7-piece dance claim to be the founders and pioneers of this dance style, which takes the powerful elements of flow and sensuality from Pantsula and mixes these with the technical brilliance and rigour of breakdancing moves to create a unique new style. “iSbhujwa” is a slang word from the townships which roughly translates as “bourgeois”. In addition to pioneering this style, Soweto’s Finest also specialise in Hip hop, Pantsula and Krump.

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Mosha Dance Kings

Mosha Dance Kings are most famous for their Izikhotane dance moves as well as specialise in iSbhujwa, Hip hop and Pantsula. This 5-piece all-male crew have gained wide-spread recognition for their technical ability and have performed in numerous TV ads, live stage shows, in music videos with Cassper Nyovest and Ricky Rick as well as appeared in I See A Different You’s documentary.

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Reptilez Crew

Redbull Dance battle winners of 2015, the Soweto Reptilez Crew are all about smooth finesse and the essence of Hip hop dance. Founded in 2007, the original 20 members have been whittled down to the current 5-piece crew. This award winning group have a string of accolades to their name, including Strictly Hip Hop 2009 & 2010 champs and being chosen to open for Drake and Usher’s SA performances.

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V.I.N.T.A.G.E Crew

Challenging the norms of society one dance performance at a time, the V.I.N.T.A.G.E dance crew fuse fashion with dance to create what they call “an art gallery on stage”. Founded by Ashwin Bosman and Lee-ché Janecke, the group comprises colourful characters who aim to challenge perspectives through dance and inspire young individuals to be comfortable with who they are and realise their full potential.

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Movers & Shakers

Shakers & Movers is a Pantsula dance duo made up of Sithembiso ‘Mada’ Moloi and Prince ‘Pringle’ Mofokeng from Mapetla, Soweto. The young, vibrant and optimistic entertainers are passionate about dancing and have dedicated their lives to the township culture. Having performed with the late Mandoza, Danny K and other local pop starts, Shakers & Movers aim to use their dancing to help eradicate gangsterism and other criminal activities in and around their community.

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