Meet the finalists: Tash Montlake

Please sum up your music video concept with a single line, and a picture.

Two worlds collide and realities shift as a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ type duo escape from the cops in a car chase.

Can you tell us where the inspiration for your idea came from?

Well, Mikhaela and Mike wrote the song together, and after listening to the lyrics we collectively came up with the idea. The concept essentially sprung from the marksmanship of the musicians.

What drew you towards Mike and Mikhaela as your collaborators on this proposal?

Mike called me one Saturday morning in December last year and asked if I wanted to go on tour with him and Jono Ferreira later that day. I didn’t really know what I was signing up for, but we ended up spending a week or two up the coast. After a show in Kynsna, Mike was hell-bent on finding an elephant in the forest (he does things like that sometimes). We didn’t find any elephants but it was pretty rad getting as lost as we could in the thick of Knysna Forest at like, 3am. Anyways, we were trying to scare each other and started forging horror stories in the darkness. We decided then and there that we needed to do some sort of film/music project. Mike said he had the perfect person in mind to write the song with (the little-known but amazingly talented Mikhaela Kruger) and we started getting to work as soon as we were done touring.

Jameson’s family motto is ‘Sine Metu’ and it means ‘Without Fear’.

To be fearlessly authentic you need to put a piece of yourself into your work. The most important thing to me is to always make sure that what I am doing is 100% true to my vision.

What are your top 3 music videos of all time?

This is so tough as they change from day to day but as of this moment it’s:

‘On To The Next One’ – Jay Z

‘Couple of Stacks’ – Dizzee Rascal

‘Say Anything’ – Shortstraw

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