Gimps & Bad Motherf*&$@^s At #JamesonPulpFiction

Jameson Cult Film Club is catnip to film geeks. It’s Christmas. It’s finding R100 in your shorts. It’s everything that gets you excited, aimed specifically at those lovable nerds that spend hours learning lines in a mirror to repeat flippantly at opportune moments. It’s film appreciation that goes further than a Q&A with greasy know-it-alls at the end of a screening. It’s the whole experience, man.

How it works: 

We take a film – not just any film, it has to be the reciting-lines-at-the-screen-from–the-get-go kind of film – and create total immersion in its universe. We’re talking an event that uses special effects, props, costumes, actors, audio, a really good smoke machine and signature cocktails to celebrate groundbreaking movies and directors in a totally unique way.

Last year it was Fight Club. This year it’s Pulp Fiction, and if you’re lucky enough to score an invite to one of the events in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, we promise you’ll get to do a whole lot more than just get to know the gimp…

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