@RoyWrench on set with Desmond and the Tutus

We’ve already shared some peeks behind-the-scenes on the new Desmond and the Tutus ‘Boogieman’ video, one of the winning entries in the Jameson INDIE Channel Music Video Grant for 2016. Being on set was like stepping into another world, quite literally beneath the streets of Johannesburg. In the midst of with this deliciously macabre environment, with all the extras and dancers sauntering about the streets in between takes, photographer Roy Potterill instinctively turned his lens on the action, and came away with some incredible images. We had a quick chat to him after the shoot.

How did this particular series emerge?

My company, Mobile Media Mob (MMM) was commissioned to shoot the behind-the-scenes video for the “Boogieman” music video, so I was on set to work as producer with our MMM production team. To be honest, I couldn’t resist shooting what was happening around me – all the costumes, interesting faces, and old buildings made for rad shots!

Where did your journey with photography begin?

All started with a little app called Instagram. I’ve always been an early adopter of tech, and the little square app was my gateway drug into photography.

What is your photography philosophy?

Shoot for yourself.

Your passion for photography has developed into a business. How did Mobile Media Mob come about?

Through a combination of photography and social media, I started to realise the value of visual content and its social currency in the marketplace. Also, I met my business partner (@thobanj) through Instagram; we shared a similar vision for the future of visual communication, and four years later I guess the the rest is history.

With 130K followers on Instagram, you’ve also built a powerful personal brand. Does Instagram make an online portfolio or personal website redundant?

Instagram is my portfolio! It’s a real life photographic account of my life, travels and day to day happenings.

Could you leave us with three golden nuggets of advice for anybody hoping to make a career in photography?

Shoot what you love.
Tell your unique story.
Be yourself.

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