Quinton Lavery

Meet the finalists: Quinton Lavery

Please sum up your music video concept with a single line, and a picture.

An adrenaline-fuelled armoured car heist inspired by Brazil meets The Town meets Heat. The question is: What are they stealing?

Can you tell us where the inspiration for your idea came from?

The inspiration for the video came from listening to the track. The first thing I thought of was a heist. The idea grew from there into an armoured car heist with a futuristic aesthetic for additional visual appeal. The video is homage to the fast-paced song and pays tribute to some of my favourite films. The energy of the track lends itself to the pounding pace embodied by a thrilling car heist.

What drew you towards Haezer as your collaborator on this proposal?

I have been wanting to do a video for Haezer for quite some time, but my ideas were always budget heavy. Jameson and the INDIE Channel have given us a great opportunity to try and do something on a bigger scale. Haezer is as passionate about his music as I am about filmmaking, so it is exciting to be collaborating on this project.

Jameson’s family motto is ‘Sine Metu’ and it means ‘Without Fear’. How would you define “fearless authenticity” as an artist?

Fearless authenticity to me means being true to yourself and who you are as an artist. This means never watering down your ideas to fit into someone else’s box. I like to make sure I am doing what I believe is right and really fighting for my vision. However, I wouldn’t consider myself a lone artist. Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium, which is one aspect that really draws me to the profession and makes me love it.

What are your top 3 music videos of all time?

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Fat Boy Slim – Weapon of Choice

Jay-Z – 99 Problems

Haezer photo by Adriaan Louw

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