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Picks of the Week

The Jameson INDIE Channel’s selection of the week’s best new releases, ideas, and opportunities from South Africa and the rest of the world.

Lindiwe the Ghost — Ghost in a Blood Machine

Warehouse-set elaborately-choreographed dance videos are not an uncommon variety in the music video world, which might make it feel like a tired convention, but sometimes they just nail it. Such is the case with the first video from new-on-the-scene artist Lindiwe the Ghost. The video is gorgeously photographed, using the natural light streaming through the warehouse windows to beautiful effect, and expertly edited to add further dynamism to the already highly-kinetic movement of bodies. The dance itself is passionately choreographed (by one of the performers Chester Martinez), reportedly dealing with the internalised homophobia and self-loathing experienced by many queer people. It’s powerful stuff, but most striking are the little moments and details that punctuate the video and add a strong sense of intimacy to the whole piece. Very excited to see what this duo does next.


If you’re in need of some glorious, B-movie, Sean-Connery-in-red-undies Zardoz-esque vibes, look no further than the new BOXER video. Replete with a desert locale, outrageous outfits, and multiple repeating fast zooms, it’s a referential bundle of fun (and that’s before you even get to the track itself). It’s also delightfully weird, from space underwear to a wonderfully suggestive milksplosion. It’s the kind of video you wish you could have been on set for when they were filming.

Obie Mavuso — Cosmic Fire

Mmmmhmmm. If you could eat this new track from SA filmmaker/musician Obie Mavuso I bet it would taste like a well-balanced dish combining the salty satisfaction of deep, pulsating synth beats with dashes of the sweet power of Mavuso’s warm vocals, and peppered with tangy, folksy guitar rhythms. The point being, Mavuso does a wonderful job of mixing genres and musical styles to create something new and distinctly her own. It would be inadvisable to swim in either fire or the cosmos, but this is sound you could practically dive into. And then eat.

The Kiffness — You Say You Love Me ft. Tawanna Shaunte

This latest effort from The Kiffness is just dragtastic. Dedicated to the victims of the Orlando shootings that occurred last month, the video for You Say You Love Me celebrates pride, with drag performer Manila Von Teez flaunting it all the way down the street in a simple but graceful one-take wonder. The choreography bumps and moves perfectly with the classic Kiffness beat, and all I can say is heels baby… flippin’ heels.

Simon & Mary — 50/50 Lookbook

Gonna be completely honest, I’m not a fashion guy. Sure I were the odd clothes on the regular, but I count myself lucky when my raiment is not so offensively unstylish that folks wonder why I bothered to get dressed at all. But even a fashion ignoramus like myself can appreciate the quality of Simon & Mary’s latest lookbook. Described as “effortless chic”, I get more of a “time traveler from the future going on a colonial-era safari, with a twist” kind of vibe. But truly the work of photographer Trevor Stuurman is far from effortless, though he is certainly able to make it seem that way. And I will say they have some very fetching hats.

Sam Besser enjoys writing about arts and entertainment because he likes pretending people care about his opinions. He is a great lover of film and a casual lover of 15th-century stained glass windows. These interests rarely intersect.