BETR Gang: The Heist

It’s been a long road getting to this point. More than eight months after we first put the call out for fearlessly authentic music video concepts to local filmmakers, we’re finally ready to unveil the first winning production: BETR Gang’s ‘The Heist’, directed by Paul Yates.

In what might be regarded as a parody of the excess and objectification inherent in ‘bling’ hip-hop culture, we see two rappers being stripped of their self-indulgent façade to reveal their authentic, original selves. This video preaches the value of safeguarding your vision as an artist, and reveals the consequences of straying form the authentic path.

When thinking of a concept to enter into the Jameson INDIE Channel Music Video Grant, Paul Yates, a creative researcher and aspiring director based in Johannesburg, identified Soweto’s BETR Gang as the perfect team to partner with because of their inherent authenticity. The BETR Gang duo, comprising rappers Solo and Buks but frequently drawing in collaborators like Rouge (featured in the video), are very conscious of the materialistic trappings of the hip-hop game, and work hard to forge a parallel path more focused on the music than the prospect of success.

We think the final result is testament to a coherent vision and productive harmony between the director and the artists – exactly the kind of collaboration we thrive on at the Jameson INDIE Channel.

Enjoy the video, and if you’d like to get a sense of how it all came together, check out the behind-the-scenes video too.

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