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Jameson First Shot: 2017 Winners Announced

In April we put out our annual Jameson First Shot call for entries. It’s the sixth edition of this global short film competition, which was created to help talented filmmakers break into this often stuffy and stubborn industry. Every year we ask emerging filmmakers from around the world to submit their scripts. With the help of Trigger Street Productions we select three winners who are flown to Hollywood to direct the short films they wrote.  This year more than 2000 filmmakers from eight countries entered! After several weeks of reading scripts and debating, we’re proud to present the 2017 Jameson First Shot Winners:


Winner #1: Ollie Wolf (UK) ‘Five Star Fouad’

Winner #2: Jason Manella (Canada) ‘A funny thing happened to Kelly & Ted’

Winner #3: Alice Goggin (Australia) ‘The Finish Line’

Ollie, Jason and Alice will be flown to Hollywood, where they will direct award-winning British actor / director Dominic West in the short film they wrote. Not bad for a first shot!

To all the writers and directors who didn’t make the cut: thanks for being brave enough to submit your material! It’s a gutsy move, putting your creative work out there. You have to be innit to winnit, so craft those scripts to submit again next year.

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