Triple Distilled, Twice As Smooth. Why? Taste, That’s Why.

Triple distilled, twice as smooth. It’s always been how we’ve done it. Sure, there are easier ways to make whiskey. But we choose to ignore them.  Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple:




It’s that simple. No gimmicks or tricks. No smoke or mirrors. Jameson Irish Whiskey has always been about the exceptional taste of its whiskey.


As part of the launch of Taste, That’s Why, we released a new TV ad. ‘The Case of the Most Unusual Case’ is set in a downtown Joburg. Two detectives were brought in to investigate a curious event. A warehouse was ransacked. The culprits skipped the art, high-spec tech and other luxury goods. And they only took the Jameson. Why? Here’s a clue:




Taste is the reason you order a round of Jameson Original for after work drinks. It’s why you choose to pair Jameson Caskmates with your favourite burger. Taste is the reason why you break out the Jameson Select Reserve when your best friend finally moves to the same city as you. So, the next time you find yourself out on a Friday night, think about what brought everything together. There’s a reason why you chose to be with these friends, a reason why you love coming back to the same spot and a reason why you always order a Jameson when you get there.


Taste, That’s Why.




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