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Meet the finalists: Paul Yates

Please sum up your music video concept with a single line, and a picture.

My music video concept revolves around the idea of authenticity as an artist and the consequences we deal with when we lose that authenticity.

Can you tell us where the inspiration for your idea came from?

My inspiration for this idea came from the lyrics of the track and just chatting with the artists about their hopes and fears for their careers as artists.

What made you decide on BETR Gang as your collaborators on this proposal?

What drew me towards working with BETR Gang was the fact that they really have something to say in their music. They’re also focused on the long game of evolving their careers and producing great work over time, rather than taking any shortcuts.

Jameson’s family motto is ‘Sine Metu’ and it means ‘Without Fear’. How would you define “fearless authenticity” as an artist?

Being true to yourself and your abilities and not pandering to what you think people want or expect.

What are your top 3 music videos of all time?

Gesaffelstein – Hate or Glory

Lana Del Ray – Born to Die

UNKLE – Rabbit in Your Headlights

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