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The Plastics: In Threes

All good things come in threes, say The Plastics. This is their third full length album that was recorded in three cities with the third line-up in their band’s history. Naturally it seemed like a good omen to include a reference to this number in the title. The album was recorded at Digital Forest Studio and Popsicle Studios in Cape Town, Open Room Productions in Johannesburg and Studios 301 (there’s that sneaky numeral again) in Sydney. The album is self produced, except the recording of ‘Walking the Cow in Sydney’, which was co-produced with Grammy Award-nominated Hector Castillo.


The band maintains that the album is inspired by the expansion of their musical horizons, but it’s also evident that they tried to experiment with sounds in unconventional ways. You’ll clearly hear this as you listen to their 9-track, super smooth album. Themes surrounding exploration, reflection, love, hate and the coming of age are all delved into. I could listen to this all day, and I think I just might. The catchy electronic sounds blended with their mesmerising falsetto choruses makes you want to head straight down to the beach, have a whiskey and sway from side to side until the sky turns indigo.

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They were so excited about releasing this album that they decided to give it away for free, because they want as many people as possible to have access to it (bless their little plastic souls).

You can download In Threes for free on BandCamp or stream it on Soundcloud



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