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Black Koki x INDIE Channel | Submit Your Stuff!

Business cards are pretty old school, we know, but we love the boldness they represent: meeting someone, shaking their hand, discussing work, and then deciding to connect again. To give or get a business card, you kind of have to put yourself out there.

So, in the spirit of being fearless and making connections, we decided to create INDIE business cards. Instead of printing a regular ol’ batch, we teamed up with Black Koki to turn every business card into a collectable artwork.

The Making-Of:

About Black Koki:

Black Koki is an artist living in Cape Town. His work lives on glass, paper, canvas, walls, ceramics and more. He likes to make images that are both hard to look at, and hard to look away from.

 He prefers to let his work speak for itself, so he doesn’t reveal his face.

To find out more, we interviewed him via instant message:

Follow @blackkoki on Instagram and visit

If you spot our crew, ask them for a piece of our collectable business card puzzle!

But more importantly, consider this an open invitation to send us your stuff.

It can be anything from an idea to a final piece, a scribble or a complete body of work.

Curator and Editor of the Jameson INDIE Channel.
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