Fierce Daily Motivations From Queezy

Navigating the world today can be a trip. A little guidance can go a long way.
Some hire life coaches, others use DJ Khaled’s keys.
We’ve got Queezy’s motivational GIFs for living your best life.

A South African performance artist, Queezy uses dress as a response to issues of gender and representation and meets misogyny and sexual harassment with graceful defiance. By being her authentic self in public spaces, she allows others to do the same.

So be inspired go forth into the world, a world that would be a better place if everyone owned their gayness, in other words: accept yourself as you are. You’re the only one who can set you free. And when you need a little extra help in the sauce department, there’s always mayonnaise.

Forward to a friend in need.


Styling and art direction: Quaid Heneke.

Photography and GIFs: Alix-Rose Cowie

Location: Margot Molyneux Store, 69 Roeland Street, Cape Town

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