TASTE: Drinkable Art


“Upon closer inspection, flaws become evident. The corners curl, and cracks appear. However, in rare instances when attention to detail withstands the closest possible scrutiny, true beauty reveals itself in unexpected ways.”

We recently explored this unexpected beauty through five of our favourite Jameson serves, photographing a single drop from each cocktail – and magnifying it 100x.

Now we’re sharing the five featured recipes so that you can not only see the art, but taste it too. You’re welcome.


Jameson Neat | Simplicity at its finest.


Jameson 100x Closer


Jameson + Ginger | Three refreshing elements that bring out the best in each other.


Jameson 100x Closer


Irish Wolfhound | Named after one Irish legend, made with another.


Jameson 100x Closer


The Tipperary | A hit from pre-prohibition New York: the best of Irish & Italian cultures combined. 


Jameson 100x Closer


Jameson Whiskey Sour | It’s all about the right balance between citrus & sugar.


Jameson 100x Closer


Bottoms up!

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