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Meet the finalists: Ying-Poi De Lacy

Please sum up your music video concept with a single line, and a picture.

In a highly stylised manner and set in a moonlit jungle, the video will be a human story about love and indulgence portrayed through the courting process between the birds of paradise.

Can you tell us where the inspiration for your idea came from?

We found the concept and inspiration for the ‘Jungle Drums’ video in the courting rituals of the animal kingdom. Birds of paradise specifically, engage in a beautiful and dramatic war of romances, where the male birds fight over the females with vanity as their weapon. This materialistic and ‘un-natural’ behaviour reminds us of ourselves, and the pressure to be liked, and to be loved. We feel that telling this human story of lust, love and indulgence through birds gives us an interesting metaphor.

What drew you towards Bye Beneco as your collaborators on this proposal?

What drew me to Bye Beneco is their unique sound and knowing that they are willing to push the boundaries to create a video that complements their sound. They aren’t afraid to experiment and push themselves creatively, which is always a big help.

Jameson’s family motto is ‘Sine Metu’ and it means ‘Without Fear’. How wold you define “fearless authenticity: as an artist.

“Fearless authenticity” is when one is uncompromising and relentless in their responsibility to the work. The process should always guide you no matter what happens and what anyone thinks of you. It’s having that confidence to trust in your idea and see your vision through.

What are your top 3 music videos of all time?

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes (Directed by : Kahlil Joseph)

Fatboy Slim – Push The Tempo (Directed by: Traktor)

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights (Directed by: Jonathan Glazer)

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