Our latest INDIE Channel ‘Call For Submissions’ poster was designed by Bianca Brand, a young Pretoria-based artist we feel certain is destined for great things.

When did your adventure with illustration begin?
It was during my studies as a second year student, where I initially majored in Design. We received a project that was heavily illustration based, and from there I swapped majors and haven’t looked back.

Stylus or pen?

Illustrator or artist?

Spontaneous or painstakingly planned?

Your use of colour is very distinctive, particularly when you’re creating landscapes. Are there any specific influences on your colour palette?
Seeing that my subject matter tends to be more dark and era, I like to contrast it with the use of bright colours, Im quite inspired by the use and combination of Micah Lidbergs’ colour palate.

The figures that inhabit your vivid, surreal landscapes often appear primitive, masked, or animalistic. Is there any significance behind this?
It’s more like a spontaneous expression that comes out – sort of exploring the rebelious side of me.

Are there any extensions for your work – animation, for example – that you could envision or would like to try out in the near future?
Yes, most definitely, I am very keen to explore some stop motion in the near future.

If you could see your work in any context anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I like seeing my work in an exhibition context. So far I’ve only explored local shows, but would love to continue to international shows. Im also attracted to the idea of illustrating for more alternative projects like record covers, or stage visuals.

How else does your creative side come out, aside from illustration?
Hmmm, I love gardening as well as experimenting with food and its flavours.

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