Desmond and the Tutus: Boogieman

Here at the Jameson INDIE Channel we’re experiencing that bittersweet blend of emotions that typically accompanies the end of a journey. We’ve spent the better part of a year planning and producing the Jameson INDIE Channel Music Video Grant, and today we’re premiering the final winner in this unique competition: ‘Boogieman’ by Desmond and the Tutus.

It’s definitely a high note to conclude this exciting project on. Tutus lead singer Shane Durrant and his co-director, Greg Rom from Gentlemen Films, absolutely knocked this one of the park, creating what (despite an obvious bias) will surely go down as one of the best South African music videos of 2016. It’s a carnivalesque romp through the monstrous netherworld beneath the streets of Johannesburg – where potplants come to life and Pantsula, and a conjoined cyclops pops and locks in a slimy basement.

The video depicts the band being kidnapped and forced to perform for all the boogie monsters of the night in their funky, stinky lair. After some initial confusion, the Tutus hit their stride, and the party gets started. Because even the monsters under your bed need some time off to shake a leg.

Referencing the budget horror films of Nollywood and traditional West African garb, Shane and Greg maintained a remarkably consistent aesthetic direction over the protracted course of this production, with the final result looking remarkably similar to what they first pitched to the INDIE channel at the end of last year. Once you’ve viewed the video, take a look at how it all came together behind the scenes.

Enjoy it – and good luck getting that “Booga Booga Booga Booga” refrain out of your head for the rest of the day.

Dylan Culhane is the Jameson INDIE Channel director, and a closet revolutionary. He loves sipping whiskey to the accompaniment of new ideas.

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