Watch: What Happens When You’re Brave Enough To Take A Closer Look?

Jameson Irish Whiskey is undoubtedly a beautiful substance to behold, but what happens beyond the spectrum of our limited vision? The promise of perfection is, more often than not, betrayed by intimate proximity. But in some rare instances when attention to detail withstands the closest possible scrutiny, true beauty reveals itself in unexpected ways.

We were brave enough to take a closer look at our whiskey, and the results were remarkable: a mesmerising blend of whiskey, science and art.

This short film, inspired by the concept, and directed by Quinton Lavery tells the story:



Agency – Native VML
Microsphotography – Elden Swart
A Passing Trains Production
Director – Quinton Lavery
Producer – Marisa Bracher
Director of Photography – Darren Wertheim
1st Camera Assistant + DIT – Rudi Lotter
Stills – Seraj Pasha
Gaffer – Guy Stallard
Makeup / Wardrobe / Art – Kaley Meyer
Makeup / Wardrobe / Art Assistant – Amy Dobson
Production Assistant – Kelly Kabasele
Editor – Josh Borrill (Post Office Post)
Final Mix – Matt James & Greg Albert (Rhapsody Recording)
Composition – Maike Watson



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