Rare & Sudden Podcast

Rare & Sudden: The Culture’s Favourite Podcast

Rare & Sudden AKA “The Culture’s Favourite Podcast” is a series of candid conversations between Rolo Rozay and Hake$y, two original hustlers slash social media rebels slash sneaker heads.

Thanks to their mutual penchant for outrageous footwear, they’re basically celebs in the local street culture scene. They’ve both worked in fashion and entertainment too, and have some credible experience in content marketing. Plus they’re just really good at talking shit. So when Red Bull Studios offered them a recording slot, they launched Rare & Sudden. What’s it about? According to them: “People take things like social media too seriously. We’re here to bring perspective.” 


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Never shop at the mall

You gotta be successful offline

Be the same person you pretend to be online

Gotta add kale and wheatgrass to your diet

Smile more

Remember to floss

Do not make misleading Instagram captions

Stay hydrated

Turn data and wifi off from time to time

Rare & Sudden Podcast

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Credits: “S/O to Red Bull Studios, our shooter Warren Papier and our handler Paul Ward.”

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