KINETIC Presents: The Jameson INDIE Session

This week we have something very special for all our music fans on the Jameson INDIE Channel – especially all the House music lovers. KINETIC, one of the most exciting and hardworking new producer-DJ’s in the country, has prepared a special mix exclusively for the Jameson INDIE Channel. So plug in those headphones and get the day started with some soulful grooves. Better yet, pump it loudly and get your daily dose of exercise in the form of dance.

We took some time to catch up with our new favourite mixmaster and see what makes him tick. Check out the INDIE Session mix after the interview.


Where did your journey with music begin?

My journey with music began at a very early age. I started collecting cassettes at the age of seven. Before moving to Mabopane, which is township just outside of Tshwane I lived in Daveyton in the East of Johannesburg. One of my favourite things to do was to hang out by the buy and braai butchery where local DJ’s would host sessions on weekends. I would inconspicuously stand by the Dj’s table and watch them play vinyls for hours. I knew then that music is and always will be a part of me.

What are the key ingredients for a great mixtape?

Every mix has a particular mood or feel to it. I always try to demonstrate versatility in my mixes so that the listener can stay intrigued. So I would say that the track selection is the most important part of a great mix, followed by consistency in the mixing/beat-matching.

What is it about House music that makes it your genre of choice?

I love how House music is a combination of various other genres. It fascinates me how House music has the power of being so emotionally provoking and putting people in a good mood. I got introduced to House music at a very young age and it still feels so new to me even today. House music possesses that intangible and inexplicable thing, hence the expression “House is a feeling”.

Describe your perfect party (If you were the DJ).

The atmosphere has to be prodigious. The sound system/PA should meet my requirements and be sufficient enough to cater for the venue. The people attending must be open and accepting to new music. There should be plenty of Jameson flowing around and everyone must be eager to socialise.

Do you prefer crafting a mixtape with your producer hat on, or setting a party on fire with your DJ hat on?

There is no greater feeling than playing a set that people are responding to positively. I get more fulfilment from playing live at a venue than I do putting together a mixtape. The beauty of being both a producer and a DJ is that when you play a set you can use the production fundamentals such as key, time signature etc to craft a well-balanced set.

How do you manage the balance between your day job and your passion?

I think that they balance themselves out because my day job as a sound engineer is relevant to my Dj career. I’m passionate about music and what takes place behind the scenes of this industry, so working at a radio station further enhances my passion.

Tell us about the mix you made for the Jameson INDIE channel.

This mix basically demonstrates my abilities as a producer as well as a selector. I put together some of the tracks I produced alongside tracks by world renowned producers. The mix has a build-up kind of flow; this goes back to my point about track selection. I started off soulful and astutely diverted the mix to a deeper, tech house sound. Variation is important to me because it allows me to not be monotonous.

Who are 5 criminally underrated artists/producers in South Africa?

There are so many amazing producers and artists that are ‘bubbling under’ in SA. But if I had to name 5 that deserve more recognition than what they are currently receiving I would say Sir LSG, Mpeshnyk, Ta-Ice, Sir Jack and Lemapi Entertainment. I honestly have more people who should be on this list that are producing music of an international standard.



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