Fresh: Yum Yuck

Pascal Righini, lead singer/guitar player of The Plastics, released the debut song ICICLES from his new project YUM YUCK via Indie Shuffle today. Yum Yuck will be releasing it’s first 5 track EP – ‘Make Yourself at Home’ – before the end of October.

The name Yum Yuck reflects the dual nature of things.

‘Make Yourself At Home’ invites the listener into a world but puts no expectation on you once you are in it. The music is generally slow and mellow. It is a journey of learning and experimentation with recurring themes of heartbreak and aspirations. Living dead dreams, zombie dreams.

“The sound of the EP can be described as spacious, soft, sharp ,seductive and sensitive. Like a Cadillac with velvet seats that hovers.”

The EP process started in Pascal’s bedroom studio in Cape Town. The project was then taken to producer whizz-kid Thor Rixon. Pascal and Thor worked all the songs and re-recorded various elements and mixed the whole EP in Thor’s home studio in Camp Street.

“Pascal and I had the most fun working on this project,” says Thor. “Pascal came to me with these tracks that were pretty other-worldy and I got very excited to get working on them. It took us a few weeks of sitting in my little home studio to really flesh out the compositions and sounds. We came out with something that we are certain no one has heard before. That future shit!”

Listen to the debut track Icicles below, and don’t forget to follow Yum Yuck on Facebook

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