All The Plastics Really Want

Today sees the release of The Plastics’ new music video for their single, ‘All I Really Want’.

The video features the band while they are in studio recording and is a representation of them in their natural habitat. The visual style and artistic nature of the video complements the direction the band has taken with their new album – the psychedelic feel coupled with the beauty of nature is something they have always found appealing.

The video was shot in December 2015 at Digital Forest Studios in Cape Town and directed by Barry de Villiers.

“The abstract flashing images were not originally planned,” says De Villiers about the artistic monochromatic aesthetic at play in the video. “I started filming various textures in and around the studio in between takes and the idea came to me to use flashes of these textures in the video. I think it works really well and adds a special dynamic to the video. I feel the video would not have been the same without these unplanned shots. I am very proud of the final product, and consider it one of my finest edits.”

It goes to show how spontaneity can sometimes be a director’s greatest ally.

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